Medical Services

We provide many different services to help you


We are a full service clinical laboratory with the goal of providing our patients with comprehensive laboratory services of the highest possible quality using state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology.

Our credentialed and compassionate laboratory staff collects blood samples from approximately 60,000 patients and processes approximately 300,000 orders annually. In order for our laboratory to provide efficient service to our patients, we ask that patients please contact their Medical Associates health care provider to make arrangements for all laboratory services in advance of coming to the laboratory.

We are also available to provide laboratory services for outside physicians and providers. We require a written order with diagnosis code(s), signed by the physician/provider. The order should either be brought in by the patient or preferably faxed to our laboratory at (563) 243-8762. Test results will be faxed to the ordering physician/provider when the order has been completed.

Most tests are performed and available to your health care provider the same day as collection. Esoteric and microbiology tests are usually available in 24-72 hours. Contact your health care provider for your laboratory results.

Our Drug Screening Department provides coverage for drugs of abuse test collections and breath alcohol tests. We also provide on-site M.R.O. services.

In addition to our main laboratory, we have four satellite labs that provide laboratory services at Medical Associates Urgent Care Clinic, DeWitt Family Health Clinic, Fulton Family Health Clinic, and Morrison Family Health Clinic. All of our laboratories are inspected and C.L.I.A. certified by HHS/HCFA.

Hours of operation at our main clinic laboratory

Monday through Friday: 7:45am - 5:30pm (for routine laboratory services)

Saturday: 7:45am - 11:00am (for routine laboratory services for our working patients or for special circumstances)

Sunday: Closed

Laboratory services are provided for our urgent care physicians/providers on weekday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

Patient Preparation for Laboratory Testing

Many laboratory tests require patients to fast. Please consult with your provider's office to determine if you should be fasting for your laboratory testing. Fasting for laboratory testing means you should not have anything to eat or drink for 10-12 hours. One exception is that we encourage patients to drink water so they do not become dehydrated. Patients may also take their medications as usual with WATER unless the provider has instructed differently.

To better serve our patients, if you are NOT required to be fasting for your lab work, and/or have an afternoon appointment, you may choose to utilize the laboratory after 9:30am to avoid the early morning congestion.

Laboratory Phone: (563) 519-1828

Laboratory Fax: (563) 243-8762